P1,300.00 per person 

Tour includes our exclusive buffet of grilled meat, fresh seafood, variety of fruit and vegetables.

Private Tours is what we do best. For Private Boat Tours please email directly at helloelnido@gmail.com and gricarte@helloelnido.com.


Snake Island

It takes its moniker from a natural S-shaped sandbar—visible during low tide—that winds its shores. Friendly monkeys can be seen here. A short gradually ascending hike takes you up to a small gazebo where you overlook back to the S shaped sandbar. Bring your cam as you hike up this hill.


Considered the best beach in Bacuit Bay, Entalula is a private beach with white sand, blue waters and amazing rock formations. The public can make special reservations to use the beach for a romantic lunch or dinner.

Cudugnon Cave

Archaeologists believe Cudugnon Cave was a burial site during the Neolithic period. To explore its inner caverns, one must crawl through a small opening. Fresh coconuts can be purchased here so bring some cash. 

Cathedral Cave

The cathedral-live cavern is accessible by dinghy or kayak. Its cool interior is lit at certain times of the day by sunlight coming through an opening at its peak. Next to this is one of the best snorkeling sites on this side of the bay. A bit more serene as Tour B is not as popular as the others, however the current here can be too strong so be careful and wear a vest. Keep away from the sharp corrals and please don’t step on them. No selfies here J

Pinagbuyutan Island

Pinagbuyutan Island is one of the most striking islands in El Nido because of its shape and sheer limestone walls. It has soft powdery white sand comparable to the world's best beaches. Great snorkeling site again. If you are facing the beach, swim to the farthest rightmost of this island. Warning you need to be a good swimmer as the current can bang you up against the rocks. Here about 5 meters down you’ll see schools of fish. Head down with you scuba gear and GoPro as they circle around you!