P1,200.00 per person 

Tour includes our exclusive buffet of grilled meat, fresh seafood, variety of fruit and vegetables.

Private Tours is what we do best. For Private Boat Tours please email directly at helloelnido@gmail.com and gricarte@helloelnido.com.


Bucal Beach

Bucal island is a wonderful area for snorkeling, swimming and picnic lunches. This Eco park style island has it all!  It has huge vines felling like Tarzan in the jungle, a challenging hike that takes you to the top of Bucal and be rewarded with breathtaking view of Bacuit Bay WOW.  A hut can be found on top so you can rest and be ready for your just as challenging descend. Always hydrate and be careful. Descending is where most accidents happen, keep your core intact, sure footing, 3 point contact and breathe as you descend. Also a great island for overnight camping however keep your food in your tents are most island have 4 footer “bayawak” aka monitor lizards.

Pasandigan Island

With its small beach, Pasandigan Island is great for overnight camping. Another great diving site with awesome corrals, white sand beaches and kayaking to here is an ease. This beach is owned by our Honorable Mayor Edna Gacot-Lim. This is her last year as we welcome Honorable Mayor Nieves Rosento. Already promising and excited for El Nido as our new Mayor has a huge following to promote our tourism and keep our paradise pristine. 

Nat Nat Beach

Like a large cove, Nat Nat Beach's long stretch of white sand is perfect for sunbathing and offers a spectacular view of the sunset.

Paradise Beach

A favorite place for picnics, Paradise Beach is lined by coconut trees and crystal clear water that can take your breath away.  Another island that you can easily kayak to on a calm day.  This beach stretches at it bends on the far end and boasts it’s white sand and corrals galore. 

Cadlao Island

Is one of the best lagoons in the group of islands around El Nido. You will be amazed by the sedimentary rock formation around the lagoon, which lends the impression of a natural fortress for this beautiful and serene location. My second favorite lagoon as there’s an adjacent beach on the left side on this cove like shaped lagoon. Calm water and humungous corrals which is great for snorkeling. Stingray and poisonous black striped snake can be found here so be careful. If your boat has a kayak you can use it to explore the furthest most part of this lagoon and trek the short tree hut where monkeys can be sighted.